The Christian faith tells us that we get the great privilege of participating in God’s work and renewal of all the world, but it also reminds us that ultimately, as the author Tyler Wigg-Stevenson has said, “the world is not ours to save.” Contemplative silence and prayer becomes the means by which we learn the limits of words and action, and where we learn to take up the right words and actions. It’s where we learn to slow down and then to work again at the mysterious pace of the Holy Spirit.

Tish Harrison Warren

Jesus and Buddha Meet in Stillness: An Interspiritual Exploration of Meditation and Contemplative Prayer

Thanks to all who joined us for this wonderful series that explored connections between Buddhist mindfulness meditation and Christian contemplative prayer. Participants were invited to discover how the gifts of these two traditions could enrich their own meditation and contemplative prayer practices. Revisit or discover the series by watching the videos below.

Recommended Resources for further exploration:

Week Four Presentation Video
Week Three Presentation Video
Week Two Presentation Video
Week One Presentation Video

Our Guide:

Paul Rietmann is a retired Episcopal priest and spiritual director. He teaches classes on meditation and facilitates contemplative prayer groups. He also leads retreats at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Retreat House on Hood Canal. Paul is the author of Jesus and Buddha Meet in Stillness: A Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness Meditation and Contemplative Prayer.

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