Thank You for Joining us!

Thanks for joining the Ethnic Ministries Circles of Color and Meaningful Movies Project at Diocese of Olympia on Oct. 15, 2021 for the award-winning HARVEST OF EMPIRE: The Untold Story of Latinos in America.

A powerful documentary from Onyx Films that exposes the direct connection between the long history of U.S. intervention in Latin America and the immigration crisis we face today. From the territorial expansionist policies that decimated the young economies of Mexico, Puerto Rico and Cuba, to the covert operations that imposed oppressive military regimes in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador, “Harvest of Empire” provides an unflinching look at the origins of the growing Latino presence in the U.S. Adapted from the landmark book written by journalist Juan Gonzalez, the film tells the story of an epic human saga that is largely unknown to the great majority of citizens in the U.S., but must become part of our national conversation about immigration.

We welcomed 84 viewers and over 50 folks in discussion. If you missed the event, you can catch up by watching the recording of our panel discussion and community conversation, below.

We offer heart-felt appreciation to our panelists: Malou Chavez, The Rev. Canon Anthony Guillén, and Greg Hope. (See contact information below.)

What Next?

Thank you for your interest in taking action! Here are some things YOU can do to support immigrants in your community:

  • If you haven’t already, watch the panel discussion and community conversation (below) to hear from our panelists about their own personal and professional experiences and insights.
  • Study Guide – A teacher guide by Curriculum Writer & Educator, Julia Hainer-Violand, comprised of five lessons that use the documentary, Harvest of Empire, as a starting point for discussion, research, and reflection. These lessons make connections across place and time, delve into current immigration debate and policy, and also build empathy. Intended for middle-school to high-school classrooms.
  • BORDERLANDS VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE – Friday and Saturday, November 12 & 13, 2021. The two-day Virtual Borderlands Experience (VBE) is designed to expose participants to the border crossing experiences of immigrants, including their experiences with detention centers, and the work of churches and other organizations to support them.  Our presenters include individuals involved in immigration ministry and advocacy, as well as the immigrants themselves who have personally experienced the impact of our national immigration policies.
  • Episcopal Migration Ministries – Episcopal Migration Ministries works locally through a network of affiliate partners. Each of these partner agencies offers support services and opportunities for newly arrived refugees. Visit their partner page to learn about the work taking place locally and to find out how you can help.
  • Episcopal Public Policy Network (EPPN) – The Episcopal Church seeks to address issues of global migration and its root causes as the number of displaced people surpasses 70 million worldwide. We work to protect the human rights and safety of refugees by supporting the refugee resettlement work of Episcopal Migration Ministries. Further, we are committed to advocating for humane immigration policies that respect the dignity and worth of every human being and for comprehensive immigration reform. Find action alerts, events, advocacy resources, and register to become an advocate!
  • Northwest Immigrant Rights Project – promotes justice by defending and advancing the rights of immigrants through direct legal services, systemic advocacy, and community education. Visit their website to donate, for webinars, legislation updates, or to volunteer.
  • Diocese of Olympia’s Refugee Resettlement Office (RRO) – an affiliate of Episcopal Migration Ministries and the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia founded in 1978, serves refugees and asylees in the Seattle area. Our clients come to us from anywhere in the world seeking guidance and assistance in building a new life in America and achieving economic self-sufficiency. Our mission is accomplished through resettlement, job placement activities, and business development programs that promote self-employment. Find out how to donate or volunteer.
  • Advocates for Immigrants in Detention Northwest (AIDNW) – A largely all-volunteer organization, we visit detainees inside the Northwest Detention Center, greet them as they are released, then help them to reach their loved ones all over the country. Learn how to get involved.
  • Jefferson County Immigrant Rights Advocates (JCIRA) – Founded in 2017 and committed to building a supportive and safe community for immigrants to live and thrive. Our mission is to support the rights of immigrants and their families, giving priority to those who live or work on the Olympic Peninsula and immigrant detainees within Washington State, through access to legal services, standing witness, family support, community education and advocacy for local, state and national issues. Find out how to donate or volunteer.

Watch our post-screening Panel Discussion and Community Conversation:


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